About Me and My Work

The first fiction story I wrote was when I was about ten. I was visiting my grandmother and, while she watched TV, I got an idea to write an adventure story about a group of kids searching for a treasure in a jungle. Their guide would be a dog who had diamonds for eyes. I sat at her kitchen table with a pencil and paper and began to write. Much like I tend to do now, I got bored and said I’d come back to it later to finish the story. I never finished it, but I found it in some old papers when I was a teenager and thought it was the dumbest thing ever. I remember thinking how stupid these kids were if they were looking for treasure when they had a dog with diamond eyeballs right there. I was a cynical girl. Thinking back on it now, it might not be such a bad story. I might write it, and finish it, someday.

I didn’t do any more writing, except for a journal, until I was in my early 20s. I’d been journaling for years and had developed an ability to express myself on paper. I thought I might give writing a go, since my aspired acting career was going nowhere in rural Kansas. I’d left college because I thought it was a waste of time, so I went back to college at 24 to study journalism, so I could be a writer and have a steady paycheck. I eventually changed my major to English with a Creative Writing emphasis. For the next few years, I alternated between being a newspaper reporter and concentrating on creative writing.

I started fiction writing to write thrillers/mysteries. I love horror, so I figured I’d put some horror elements in my work, as well. In college, I wrote what’s called Literary fiction, which isn’t any specific genre, just a story. So, dear reader, don’t be surprised to see a buffet of stories shared on this blog.

I have some characters I’ve developed over the years that will surely pop up in stories.

Stephanie “Stevie” Rigby is from a small Arkansas town. As an adult, she is a Parapsychologist. As a teenager, she was the only out lesbian in town who developed an interest in the paranormal.

Haley Saunders is Stevie’s best friend/girlfriend. She is a free spirit with an Earth Mother soul.

Emma Brown is Stevie’s first best friend who loved Stevie well into their teenage years.

Juan Pedro “J.P” Ramirez is Stevie’s step-brother. As a young man, he was the asexual bookworm the others could count on to know the answers to their questions, or at least have a good idea of where to look for them. As an adult, J.P. is the local historian and Emma’s boyfriend.

Cora Reynolds is the excentric who taught them all about Divination and the other theres out there.

Yolanda Laffoon is a local reporter who uses her media access to help find answers to paranormal mysteries.

I don’t limit my stories to these characters, nor do I limit my stories to any genre. I write many stories, but only a few will be shared. I hope you like what you read.


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